Job Description 

As Head of Growth for Germany, the person will be responsible for overall business development of Woltair on the German market and will act as key management representative of Woltair in the country.

The main responsibilities will include:

  • Overall management of Woltair in Germany in terms of growth, development and profitability performance and balance sheet management and acting as a managing director of the Woltair German entity
  • Establishing and building business relationships with key partners on the market (HVAC & PV equipment manufacturers, external installation partners, designers, and other market participants)
  • Adapting and leading marketing and sales strategies and activities of Woltair on the German market in order to drive sales growth (while working closely with the Czech marketing team)
  • Establishing the Woltair brand on the market both towards consumers as well as suppliers and potential employees
  • Recruiting and training of key Woltair employees in Germany
  • Acting as a general manager of operations, establishing overall operating processes and developing them with support of the Woltair SuperFix digital tool and based on experience from the Czech market
  • Developing business plan for Woltair Germany and regularly reporting performance to shareholders and Wolair group management
  • Being the internal ambassador of Woltair in Woltair Germany
  • Identifying new opportunities for growth and product improvements relevant for your markets, but also for in general. Build business cases to get resources necessary for their execution and oversee their delivery.


Profile requirements

We are looking for candidates who have previous experience with establishing and building a business from small size, setting up necessary business processes and scaling them, ideally in a digital or digitally-enabled environment.

Relevant candidates would ideally satisfy the following criteria:

  • At least 5 years of experience in business building and management (startup experience is a plus), experience in a decision-making level role in a high-growth company is preferred
  • Experience building and leading teams and demonstrating caring people leadership
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and openness to think in terms of opportunities rather than problems
  • Ability to multitask - the job may require dealing with customers on Monday, hiring new colleagues on Tuesday and resolving logistical issues on Wednesday, or even all this on the same day
  • Ability to build and manage relationships with multiple stakeholders
  • Experience and proven achievements in areas of sales and marketing (digitally enabled, but also physical sales)
  • Strong negotiation skills both in sales as well as procurement
  • Analytical and data-driven thinking and decision-making
  • Ideally some familiarity with the HVAC (and PV) industry
  • Ability to communicate effectively in an international environment


What we offer

As one of the first people in Woltair Germany, you will get the opportunity to shape our operations on the German market with a high degree of freedom and ownership. Among others, you can expect:

  • Excellent opportunity to build a business from early phase (with the help of our learnings from Czech and Polish market and a developed IT platform to support the roll-out)
  • High degree of freedom in execution - while you might be challenged on the approach by your colleagues, we need you also to think independently and from an owner’s perspective
  • Open, informal atmosphere in a dynamic startup culture
  • Competitive remuneration with a performance-based structure
  • Flexible setup: While some physical presence will be required to manage the physical operations, the role will operate in a dynamic environment enabling flexible work arrangements (home office, travel, …)
  • Work in a high-profile team of experienced professionals from multiple domains covering technical expertise, sales, marketing and finance

Unser Team

Das Woltair-Team besteht derzeit aus 240 Experten für Photovoltaik und Wärmepumpen und 200 externen Experten, die im Jahr 2022 insgesamt 1.905 Aufträge erfolgreich abgewickelt haben. Das ist eine Verdoppelung der abgeschlossenen Aufträge im Vorjahr. Für dieses Jahr haben wir uns vorgenommen, dieses Wachstum zu verdoppeln.

Vít Javůrek

Vít Javůrek


Dan Helcl

Dan Helcl

Group Procurement, Co-founder

Karel Náprstek

Karel Náprstek

Group technical expert, Co-founder


Unsere Geschichte

Woltair wurde 2018 unter dem ursprünglichen Namen Topí von zwei etablierten Heizungsingenieuren, Karel Náprstek und Jiří Švéda, zusammen mit Daniel Helcl gegründet, der heute als CEO tätig ist. Woltair ist bereits das größte Unternehmen in der Tschechischen Republik, das sich auf den Verkauf, die Installation und den Service von Wärme- und Stromquellen spezialisiert hat.

Seit Januar 2021 bietet das Unternehmen Photovoltaik an und seit Dezember 2021 Ladestationen für Elektroautos. Neben der Planung und Installation von Energieanlagen bietet Woltair auch professionelle Beratung zu Förderungen an. Unser Hauptziel ist die vollständige Dekarbonisierung von Gebäuden, damit sie einen Null-CO2-Fußabdruck haben.

Woltair zakladatelé

Wir sind in guter Gesellschaft

Woltair wächst auch stetig dank der Unterstützung von Investoren, die auf eine Reihe erfolgreicher Projekte zurückblicken können. Wir haben von ihnen eine Investition von 16,3 Millionen Euro im Jahr 2022 für die Entwicklung und den weiteren Ausbau erhalten. Im Jahr 2023 stehen weitere bedeutende Investitionen an.

Projekte der Woltair Investoren